Schinoussathe hidden beauty of the Aegean

Map of Schinoussa

Schinoussa belongs to the small Cyclades complex. It is situated in the South-West of Naxos and covers an area of 9km2. Its 220 permanent residents live in two settlements Hora or Panagia, the capital city of the island, and Messaria.

Hora, as in most Cycladic islands, was built by its first settlers on the highest point of the island and is practically invisible from the sea as protection from pirates. Low whitewashed traditional houses with blue windows and small cobbled stoned yards filled with colourful flowers compose the main settlement.

Messaria is the second largerst settlement. A few houses, a church, some threshing-floors and a lot of prickly-pear cactuses characterize this village.

The island is surrounded by beautiful beaches with crystal clear blue waters. Some of the most frequented ones are Tsigouri, Livadi, Almiros, Liolios, Psili Amos and some others quite isolated are Aligaria, Bazeou, Fikio and Gerolimionas. Most of the beaches are sandy but there are also same pebbly and rocky ones.

Schinoussa is ideal for mild walking over cobbled paths which will take you to tranquil mystic places and picturesque bays with crystal clear waters.

The locals are warm, friendly, hospitable people who will keep you company, drinking their traditional “raki” in the village square or sitting on stone benches in the warm summer nights.You will soon join in the lively company and your time will pass leaving unforgettable memories of holidays you will always treasure.